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Joules Angstrom supplies customers with consistent quality UV inks.  As a customer you can expect to see more up-time with your press.  Further, we distribute our products in the following container sizes:

  • 5 lb. Kits
  • 30 lb. Kits
  • 9 lb. Sonoco Flow-Rite™ Cartridges
  • 55 gal. Drums

Sold in increments equivalent to the container size ordered (minimum 5 lbs.)

Pantone® Hexachrome® - Available in all product lines.

Joules Angstrom is an authorized Pantone® licensee. PANTONE® and PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® are trademarks of Pantone, Inc.

See the table below for a listing of our ink products.

  Polymatrix UV     Uncoated     PMX
  Polymatrix UV     Coated     PMXC
  Polymatrix UV     Matte     PMXM
  Polymatrix UV Super Cure   Plastics, Films, Foils (coatable)     PMXSC
  Polymatrix UV Synthis   Plastics, Films, Foils (non-coatable)     PMXY
  Polymatrix UV Elsy   Newsprint - coated     PMXE
  Polymatrix UV Thermal   Thermal     PMXT
  Polymatrix UV I-Free   Various     PMXI (ITX Free)
  ELECTRON BEAM          
  Polytronix EB     Uncoated     PTN
  Polytronix EB     Coated     PTNC
  Polytronix EB     Matte     PTNM
  Polytronix EB Super Cure   Plastics, Films, Foils (coatable)     PTNSC
  Polytronix EB Synthis   Plastics, Films, Foils (non-coatable)     PTNY
  Polytronix EB Thermal   Thermal     PTNT
  1 - All products available in low tack formulations      
  2 - Fluorescent, Metallic, Light Fast (full strength to 72 hours), Security and MICR inks are available


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